What is Matcha Green tea? Matcha green tea is a premium green tea from Japan. Since hundreds of years, the Zen used matcha green tea to help in meditation as it helps in calming the mind. Matcha is shade harvested, steamed, air dried, destemmed and hand pounded green tea. There are no artificial colours or preservatives added. It is sugar-free and gluten-free thus can be consumed by most of the people around the world. Stone grinding retains matcha’s peculiar taste.

Benefits of Matcha green tea powder

Benefits of Matcha green tea are more prevalent than general green tea. Matcha tea is powdered and mixed with water, unlike other green teas which are just dipped in water and removed. Consuming powdered leaves helps in more availability of the antioxidants present. Hence matcha green tea benefits more than the general green tea.

  1. Matcha is an Antioxidant storehouse: It contains 137 times more polyphenol than regular green tea. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the major polyphenol present. EGCG is believed to burn the fat stores in the body for energy. It also increases the body’s immunity towards the diseases. Studies show high antioxidant levels in Matcha helps in fighting cancer. ECGC also detoxifies the body and removes all the unwanted waste materials from the system. This improves the skin texture and health.   
  2. Matcha is a Mind Relaxant: The amino acid L- Theanine present in matcha relaxes the brain activity. It helps in sharpening the alertness and concentrating ability of an individual. This was mainly why the Zen used matcha for meditation. L Theanine also helps in enhancing the mood. L Theanine along with chlorophyll imparts distinct taste and creamy texture to the product.
  3. Matcha helps in Weight loss: Matcha increases the body’s thermogenesis by 20 -25 % than normal. Increased thermogenesis raises the body’s metabolism. This burns the body fat and reduces the weight. A stone pounding of matcha green tea retains the fiber in the tea. High fiber content as we all know is beneficial in weight loss.
  4. Matcha Reduces Blood Cholesterol: A study in American journal of clinical nutrition says that matcha helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. The high antioxidant property also plays a vital role in enhancing heart function.
  5. Matcha Controls Blood Sugar: The high fibre content maintains the blood sugar levels. The chromium present in the tea aids the insulin activity in the body. Matcha tea is sugar-free and hence allows diabetics to consume it without worrying about the increased sugar.You may be interested in reading –1200 calorie diet plan for diabetes 1500 calorie diet plan for diabetes 1000 calorie diet plan for diabetes