The heat in Delhi and other parts of northern India is at its peak. Staying in is the best option but for those who can’t stay out for long is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to heat stroke and other illnesses.

We have seen quite a few cases of heat stroke in the last few days. So, here our Doctors suggested the following tips in public interest to help you save yourself from heat stroke:

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: It is emphasized over and again that you should keep yourself hydrated during hot summer days. Apart from having enough water, consider having fresh fruit juices and other foods with high water content.
  • Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight: It is quite impossible to escape the heat, but coming in direct contact with the sunlight can be controlled. Keep an umbrella with your or at least cover with head with some cotton cloth. Sunglasses are also recommended to protect your eyes.
  • Cotton Clothing: The colour and material of your cloth can be impactful to a great extent. Rather than wearing short clothes, opt for thin and light-coloured cotton clothes. Short clothes can increase your skin’s exposure and lead to several skin problems. Avoid black and other dark colours.
  • Plan your Outdoor Activities: Do not roam around in the afternoon unless absolutely necessary. Plan your day such that you finish up your outside chores in the morning or after sunset.

In spite of all measures sometimes our bodies are unable to bear all that heat and we are prone to illnesses and even sudden heat strokes. If you or any of your dear ones suffer from a heat stroke, immediately take them to the hospital after giving first aid.