The knee joint is a complex joint formed between three bone - the thigh bone, the leg bone and the knee cap.

The knee joint is held in position by four main pillars - the two cruciate ligaments and the two collateral ligaments.

When one or more of the pillars gets torn, the knee starts 'giving way' or is unstable.

These are 4 reasons why 'giving way' of the knee can be harmful:

  1. Abnormal movements cause damage to the cartilage. Cartilage damages are permanent and don't heal.
  2. Excessive movements can strain the remaining normal ligaments and damage them.
  3. The meniscus or the shock-absorber of the knee gets crushed between the thigh and leg bones when the knee is unstable.
  4. The risk of reinjury is high when you play with a torn ligament, because the knee is no more completely stable to support you.

Know when you should consult your doctor! Avoid further damage to your knees!!!

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