1. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin diseases away.

This is never true. Water/liquid intake should be optimum as per your work, surrounding Climate and if there is any medical problem. More water intake is a prevalent myth in the society. 

2.  Laser treatments spoil skin.

True, only if Laser is performed by an amateur or by a technician who does not understand the problem and the skin on which it is being done. Remember, Laser is the safest tool in hands of a certified Laser surgeon only, otherwise a laser beam can dig holes in a wall! A certified doctor may sound less economical, but you cannot afford to leave your skin in the hands of a non trained staff. Always insist upon the Doctor incharge of the centre to handle your case personally.

3. Sunscreens are 100% effective.

Never. Earlier it was 15 SPF in the market as talk of the town, now advertisements talks about 60+ SPF. Sun has not started emitting more rays on your skin, is it?

Sunscreens are partially effective and that too if properly applied. Also, the length of time you are in sunlight has to be counted, until and unless you have SLE, a disease which no one would like to have but everyone considers his or her skin to be sensitive to sunlight.

4. There has to be side effect of the medicine prescribed.

Viola! you got me. Tell me one thing, have you thought of the same while eating out from roadside food joints or friendly juice vendor etc? Or may be from a homeopath who never reveals the name of magical medicine? Or worst case the friendly pharmacist who sells you medicines on phone, without a valid prescription? A doctor who is giving valid prescription is asked questions about side effects, steroids etc. and moreover many patients show their real IQ by putting up support from internet about the disease or the medication prescribed. Before doing so next time please read so called side effects of the medicine you are habitual of taking or advising to others, on the internet and refresh your knowledge.