Breast Implant Surgery or Breast Augmentation tips

  • The volume or implant size you request your surgeon to insert may not always be followed because of factors like:a. Body frame and existing breast sizeb. Elasticity of skin and thickness of subcutaneous tissuec. Size of incision
  • There are 3 incisions on where the implants can be inserted.a. Peri-areolar (half around the areola)b. Infra-mammary (under the breast)c. Axillary (underarm) 
  • There are two (2) placement sites for implantsa. Sub-mammary or retro-mammary (back of breast tissue)b. Sub-muscular (under the chest muscle) - reserved for thin individuals to prevent visibility of implant roundness
  • There are different types of implants based on make (Saline-filled, Silicone, Poly-Urethane), shape (round and anatomical), volume (300cc, 350 cc etc), and brand (Euro Silicone, Silimed, Mentor, etc).