Piles / Fissures are a literal pain in the ass. The pain can manifest anytime despite being under medication. What happens if there is a sudden spike in pain in the night time when it is not possible to consult your regular physician? There are home remedies that can give relief from pain.

Useful Home Remedies for Piles or Hemorrhoids or Fissures

1. Ice Pack – Ice pack are known to reduce any kind of swelling. Since piles are swelling of the vein in the anal area, ice can come in handy. A piece of ice can be wrapped in a clean cloth and it can be gently applied over the piles swelling for 10 minutes. This should ease the pain relatively. You can repeat this for three or four times until you feel comfortable that you can sleep overnight peacefully and visit the Doctor the next day.

2. Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera is packed with rich medicinal properties. The wonder gel is known to relax the pain in the butt where the haemorrhoids are present. There are two ways of applying the gel. In the first method, you can remove the inner translucent gel of the plant and apply on the piles area directly. After applying slowly massage the area. Do this for 10-15 minutes. This remedy should give relief from pain. In the second method, take a piece of Aloe Vera gel and freeze it by placing in the freezer of your refrigerator. Remove the frozen Aloe Vera gel and apply it directly on the piles. This remedy combines the effect of ice and the medicinal properties of the Aloe Vera gel to give good relief from the pain.

3. Baking Soda – The inflammation on the swollen vein can be reduced by applying small amount of baking soda (baking soda without aluminium is preferred over the regular baking soda that is used for baking). This is also found to give some respite from the pain in the piles.

4. Sitz Bath – Recommended generally by surgeons for piles with pain and discomfort, and fissures. The idea is a simple warm water fomentation. Sitz bath is nothing but sitting in warm water in which substances like baking soda or vinegar or antiseptic lotion are added. Even simple lukewarm water alone would do magic. Sit in such a way that the warm water touches the anal area for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry with a dry towel and repeat sitting for 2-3 times a day in different intervals.

Sitz Bath -The most effective way of easing anal pain

Conclusion – All these methods outlined above are only for relieving pain immediately for a good night sleep. It is always advisable to take opinions from Doctors and take necessary medications.