Health a topic of utmost importance in the 21st century. An era where everyone wants to look good and stay healthy and to achieve it they have their own steps of planning. But in this fitness freak era, people tend to forget about their inner organs which can’t function properly only by gymming, yoga or other forms of body exercises. You need to take proper nutrition to give your organs the required vitamins and energy to perform.Today, chronic Kidney Diseases has become one of the most important chronic disease epidemic in the world, including in India. People suffering from diabetes and hypertension are the easy targets to develop CKD. But someone has wisely said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, now is the time to start taking small steps towards the healthy life.

So in order to make your Kidney healthy, here are some Kidney friendly food which will help you in increasing the intake of nutrients and antioxidants.  

Red Bell Peppers: Low in potassium and with the generous portion of Vitamin A, C, B6 and fiber, it’s a good choice to include in your Kidney diet plan. It even contains antioxidant lycopene, which provides protection against certain types of cancer. Enrich in flavor they can be added in any food or can be used as a topping.  

1) Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Stop doubting this as it certainly helps in keeping your Kidney healthy. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps reducing cholesterol, prevent constipation and and provides you some amount of immunity against cancer.  

2) Egg Whites: Enrich with pure protein it keeps your kidney healthy by keeping the protein level up in your body and controlling phosphorus while producing less amount of waste. You can have it in the form of boiled egg or can treat yourself by making an omelet.  

3) Garlic: A most commonly used ingredient in the Indian household known for its pungent flavor, it helps in reducing inflammation and lowers cholesterol. It can be used in your daily food. Raw garlic also serves as an anti-bacterial agent thus it helps in curing any bacterial infection in the kidney.  

4) Cauliflower: It is known as one of the most important kidney friendly food, enrich with vitamin C along with     folate and fiber, it indirectly helps in reducing the risk of getting prone to diabetes or heart diseases.

These all ultimately leads to the malfunctioning of your kidney. Low in sodium and potassium it helps in maintaining the fluid level in your body which in return keeps your kidney healthy.