Arthritis is painful and degenerative condition of joints, there will be inflammation of joints, which causes stiffness and pain, mostly in the mornings.     

2 types RA & OA. OA is common and gets worse by age caused by wear and tear over age.                                           There are a few natural ways to get relief from these condition: 

1. Lose weight

Over weight causes stress on the joints and causes pain. if we lose weight automatically the stress on the joints becomes less and gets relief from pain. Knee joints and hip joints are mostly affected joints because these are weight bearing joints.

2. Do exercise

Regular movement of joints helps to maintain flexibility of joints. Exercise means not running & walking only. Simple ones like water aerobics and swimming can also be done to flex your joints.

3. Use turmeric in dishes

Add turmeric to food, it has curcurin which has the ability to reduce pain. It is well known as an anti inflammatory natural drug.

4. Hot and cold therapy

These are very natural and fast relief treatments.Long, warm showers or baths in the morning help to reduce stiffness and pain. Mostly stiffness will be in the morning so by doing these we get relief from pain.

Cold therapy is done by wrapping a gel ice pack over the painful joint or a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel. 

Acupuncture, meditation, adding more fatty acids to food, and massages etc. along with medication also helps to reduce pain.