Here are 4 benefits of Dental Implants:

  1. One of the great benefits of dental implants is that they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Being secured with an artificial root that is fused to the jawbone, dental implants create an extremely strong replacement tooth, and one that can often last for several decades
  2. Visually appealing, clearer speech and boosts confidence: Another top benefit of dental implants is that they are visually appealing, looking no different from a natural tooth. Having a permanent smile that doesn’t roll around or bring discomfort is certainly a mood booster, bringing a sense of confidence whether at work, home or play. Some patients boast of their clearer speech with implants
  3. Implants don’t move, behave exactly like a normal tooth: Before undergoing dental implant surgery, a patient may have been using removable dentures, or a bridge as another form of treatment. While this can work suitably for some people, having to remove the appliance to eat certain foods can be awkward and embarrassing. Being permanently fixed, dental implants behave exactly as a normal tooth helping to eliminate any of the embarrassments of removing replacement teeth in public. In fact, they are so comfortable in your mouth, that you may even forget that the 
  4. Effective at any age:  Whether you’re in your teens or at the ripe age of 70 and upwards, you can still get dental implants. The only requirements are that your mouth is healthy, your teeth have finished growing, and a dentist pronounces you a good candidate for this tooth replacement solution. Once you’ve satisfied these criteria, you’re ready to get back your beautiful and healthy smile with the help of dental implants.