In our body, there are millions of physiological processes going on continuously. In such processes, a toxic material is produced. This toxic material needs to be removed from our body from time to time. It is generally removed by our excretory system. But if it is not removed from the body then it remains in our body. Its presence in a body is most harmful. The body itself tries to remove it from the body. Pimples are the first sign of this process. Ayurveda has a very nice treatment for it. 

  1. A mixture of three Dhana powder, Vacha, lodhra in equal quantities, mixing it in ghee. Apply it before bath for one hour.
  2. Triphala churna half teaspoon daily before bedtime with water.
  3. Dietary precautions need to be taken. Any fruit with a size of medium size guava needs to be eaten daily.
  4. Regular practice of Yoga helps to remove toxicity from our body. Gives strength to the body.