Dentistry has evolved with rapid strides in this age of technological advancement. It is now possible to fabricate a tooth for a person in America by a dentist in India, and such kind of procedures are done regularly across the world.

Teeth replacement has never been easier than ever before with the advancements in dentistry. It has become almost painless and comfortable for the patient. And one should not wait for the complications of non- replacement of a tooth to arise to look for a dentist.

Here are the 3 ways by which a missing tooth can be replaced:


Dental Implant

Implants are root-shaped structures placed into the bone. After the bone around the implant stabilises, tooth is built by taking support from the implant.

Why are implants superior?

  1. They can be placed without taking support from other teeth.
  2.  They can be used to fabricate teeth in areas where several teeth are missing.
  3. The implant success rates are as high as 98%, and generally lasts for a long time.
  4. They are technologically very advanced systems.

Negatives of implants:

  1. On the downside, they can be very costly, depending on several factors.

Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Now if you are a kind of person who want to avoid the surgery involved in implant placement, you could opt for crown and bridge for missing teeth replacement.

A crown and bridge is fabricated by placing crowns over the teeth adjacent to the missing area and a bridge is made to connect those crowns.

Advantages of Crown and Bridge:

  1. It is easier and faster to fabricate.
  2. No surgery needed.
  3. One of the oldest and time-tested methods for replacement of teeth and comparatively cheaper.

Disadvantages of Crown and Bridge:

  1. The teeth shaped for crowns are at increased risk of decay and fracture.

Removable Dentures

Complete Dentures

Now if you don't like surgery or don't want your teeth to be cut for placing crowns, then we have the removable -teeth -options like:

  • Cast partial Dentures -  are removable dentures made of thin metal framework and teeth attached onto them to resemble our natural teeth. These are made when only several teeth are absent.
  • Complete Dentures - is made in situations where teeth are totally absent. They also need to be removed daily for maintenance. Complete dentures can also be supported by implants or even natural teeth.

These removable dentures might be difficult to maintain since they require removal and cleaning daily, and might not feel like your natural teeth. But sometimes they might be the only best option. 

So these are the 3 ways by which your teeth could be replaced, and hope this would help you in making an informed decision.