Focusing only on sexual intimacy is unhelpful unless you have an emotional compatibility and connect with your partner. This is because a good relationship and good sexual intimacy are very closely linked to each other. 

Here are top 3 tips to help improve couple compatibility. 

Make time and Talk to Each Other

Share your day with your partner. Talk about the good things that happened, the challenges you faced and anything that strengthens the mental bond.

Stop Criticizing

This is something that couples desperately need to work upon. You don't have to be harsh while telling your complaints given the fact you'd have to wake up right next to your partner every day. Try converting your complaints into requests for change in them. 

Help Each Other Out

Just extend a helping hand to your partner in the things that they do be it daily chores, their work, things they consider to be their responsibility, etc. Sometimes, saying, "I am here for you" is good enough for the person.

Although fewer young people are getting married today, research suggests that getting and staying married, having an emotional connect with your partner is one of the best things you can do for yourself.