I have been travelling this summer season and I must say that though it is fun, it does take a toll on my skin. I either forget my cream at home or run out of sunscreen or simply forget to carry it with me. So I sat down and thought about how I could make things easier for the traveller.

Here are a few tips that might just help you in ensuring that your skin is also rejuvenated as is your mind:

1. Washing your face:

It’s really okay to not wash your face throughout the day. It is often a misunderstood concept that one must wash face with either water or face wash whenever and wherever possible. I have met people who have been in the habit of washing the face every 2 hours. Has it done them good? 

Here is an analogy to explain it better: Does washing your clothes every 2 hours make them cleaner? NO! Simply put, washing your face with water with or without face wash only disturbs the healthy moisturising factor of your skin. 

And here is a funny and paradoxical fact: If your skin is dry, then washing the face multiple times a day makes it only drier. On the contrary, if your face is oily, then washing will turn it into an oil pan. What is important is for you to understand is the signs of your skin and then deciding to wash your face.

The tip:

So in case, you didn’t get a chance to wash your face the entire day you were out: just take a bit of soft tissue paper and dab off (not wipe) the sweat or the oil that has accumulated and you will be good to go.


As convenient as they are, wet wipes are a strict no-no according to me. They have alcohol in it and using them on the face strips off the much needed natural moisturising factor.

Plan your travel and skin care regime too!

2. Sunscreens:

These products have become a big part of everyone who is aware of the harsh effects of the sun. And yes, for those regular users, even if a day goes by without the use of the sunscreen, they feel as if their skin has darkened or got dull. Although I bluntly admit that reacting in such a manner is over the top. It is important that a sunscreen is used especially while travelling if you want to lessen the tan.

Sunscreens ensure less tanning of the skin

The tip:

To ensure that you have sunscreen in your purse even if you forgot to carry the whole bottle, carry a small refill (30ml or 60 ml) and keep that filled up at all times in your bag. Not only are they handy, they don’t add to the weight and the airport authority won’t mind them at all too. But, where to find these refill bottles? Any beauty shop in your locality will certainly have them stocked. Check it out.

3. Moisturisers:

The travellers' skin goes through a lot of stress, and I consider today's Mumbaikar a traveller because the distances that need to be covered just to go to your job is as good as travelling. There is pollution and dust and your sweat and oil that together cause a lot of oxidative damage. Not to forget, the scorching sun adds to this mess. Applying a moisturiser of your choice at the end of the day not only helps repair the damages by restoring the natural milieu of your skin but will also help soften it and make it supple.

Carry small refill jars or packs filled with your skin care products

The tip: 

As for sunscreens, carry refill bottles filled with your favourite moisturiser. And I would suggest a lotion (watery moisturiser) because it would work for you and a friend/ partner/ family member too. No need to fuss over if the skin was oily/acne prone or dry.