Hello, everyone today I would be sharing some known but yet so uncommonly followed steps to take care of our gum health. 

Follow and understand  your body's signs. In the today's topic, I mean seeing red bleeding gums!!!

This is the first sign our body gives whenever there is anything wrong with the gums. 

  • So the first step on our behalf is to identify the problem and get the cause treated,for which a dental visit is a must. Once the dentist identifies the cause of the problem his recommendations have to be followed religiously.
  • The next step in taking care of bleeding gums is to prevent it from happening. This requires brushing twice daily, rinsing with mouthwash & flossing with water flosser or a wax coated nylon threads. Even giving a good  water  rinse after every food is a good practice. 
  • The last but the most important step in maintaining good healthy gums is timely cleaning of our gums and the teeth. For which a recommended time frame is half yearly check up and cleaning if required. 

That's it, following just those 3 steps would take care of your gums for life. Happy smiles to all, hope to come as soon as possible with some more interesting information about common dental issues. Jsk.