Gum bleeding is a sign of Unhealthy gums. If not treated, it can lead to loosening of teeth and, eventually, fall of teeth. Bleeding gums is a symptom of what we all know as  Pyorrhea. To stop bleeding from gums we first need to know what causes bleeding from gums. Between every tooth and the surrounding gums is a minor pocket-like space called sulcus. This pocket collects plaque and food particles, which if not cleaned in time, become hard and stick to the tooth surface. This layer is called Tartar or Calculus. The gums are lined by very delicate blood vessels, which, when rub against the tartar on brushing or eating, cause bleeding from gums. 

Gums loosening due to Tarter Deposit

3 Important steps to stop gum bleeding

1. Professional teeth cleaning - The tartar which is tightly attached to the tooth can only be removed by teeth cleaning or Scaling at the Dental Clinic. All of us should get our teeth cleaned every six month. It is a MYTH that teeth become weak because of six monthly cleaning. Let me Emphasize that the only way to maintain your teeth for a lifetime is to get a six monthly checkup and cleaning. 

2. Proper home Teeth Cleaning - Brushing twice a day and flossing/interdental cleaning is a must to prevent the deposit of food and tartar, which is the main cause of bleeding from gums. Always use a small and soft brush. If you find it difficult to use dental floss you can use a proxabrush or a water flosser.

3. Eating foods rich in Vit-C -  Vit-C helps in strengthening of gums and soft tissue of your mouth. Avoid saturated Sugar, especially in the night before going to bed.

Healthy Gums is the gateway to a confident smile, a fresh breath and a healthy body!!