Ever wished to get up in the morning and looked at a blemish-free face in the mirror?

Acne majorly takes place on an oily face and breakout of it makes the face more pimple-prone. During the days of puberty one must take care of their skin as acne is more likely to come during that period.

To avoid pimples face should be washed regularly. There should also be a diet followed to reduce it by time. Eating spicy food, fried stuff, and junk food should be strictly prohibited when pimples pop out on your face.

These are some ways by which pimples can be reduced:

1. Using Natural Masks

The nature has so many assets which help the human body to combat any disease. With such gifts given and offered by the nature one can also reduce their pimple problems.

Try making a honey mask and apply to your face.

Direction to Use :

  • Mix honey with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and make a mask on your face
  • Wash the Mask after 10 minutes with warm water.

By following it, often you will be able to recognize the difference on your face.

It makes the skin glow and the natural extracts of honey make the skin softer.  This syrupy elixir works as an antibiotic and fights with the acne.

2. Using Fast Reactive Substances

It is really mind blowing and extremely surprising how toothpaste happens to be an antibiotic in reducing pimples immediately.  

The menthol in it reacts extremely fast and makes the boil or acne disappear in a very less time, you will see drastic effects.

Direction of Use & Results :

  • Apply it as a mask on your pimple for an hour or overnight
  • Make sure you use the white color toothpaste and not gel.

3. Overnight Mask

Night is a very crucial time for the skin as it takes rest during that period and there is no motion and the face mask which you choose can make your skin brighter.

Types of Overnight Masks

  • Fenugreek Mask 

Apply a fenugreek mask overnight or just rub garlic juice on the skin as it proves to be an imperative antibiotic.

  • Multani Mitti 

You can also use Multani Mitti which makes your skin cool and reduces acne.

Our face is very important as sometimes when it is dull one can feel less confident. It is also a significant part of the body which needs to be taken care of nicely.