Gas or flatulence is a common problem in today's world.  Sedentary lifestyle, faulty eating habits and stress full life are one of the common reasons behind formation of gas in abdomen. In children, it could be a common reason for recurrent abdominal pains. Regular bowel movements and healthy food intake can make your stomach be at ease. Following are the 3 easy ways of tackling this issue:

1. Early mornings drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lime. This helps move your bowels well and empty its content with ease. This itself is enough to prevent formation of gas.

2. Every homemaker should be proactive and ensure that you include enough ginger and garlic while making food.  Both ginger and garlic help in digestion and eliminates formation of gas.

3. Put the habit of drinking enough water. It is recommended to boil your drinking water with Cumin seeds (Jeera) and drink it as frequently as possible. It helps digesting your food and prevents formation of flatulence.

A little effort in knowing your home remedies can be a boon to a healthy family.