Bad breath can be a persistent problem that can come in the way of your confidence if you don’t take care of it. The first step towards fighting the bad breath is by taking good care of your teeth and gums and taking enough precautions to boost your oral health. In case your bad breath is still there, try these home remedies that can surely solve your oral health issues easily. 

  1. Strawberries To Fight Off The Plaque: Strawberries are filled with mild citric acid compounds that help with the removal of plaque, which is the residue of the food that gets stuck in our teeth. This plaque when left as it is, promotes bacterial growth and thereby bad breath. We recommend you cut a strawberry in half and regularly use it across your teeth as a natural scrub. In the long run, this also helps with teeth whitening as well as a fresh breath.

  2. Natural Toothbrushes for A Fresh Breath: Have you ever tried those natural toothbrushes made of twigs from the trees of neem or babool? Even guava twigs when used as a natural toothbrush not only help to fight off bad breath but strengthens the gum and helps to deal with gum bleeding. These trees have herbal extracts which in turn helps with their antibacterial properties. Try waking up to this habit that is prescribed in Ayurveda for ages for teeth care.

  3. Fennels seeds and Cardamom as Breath Freshener: If you’re dealing with the problem of bad breath only after eating a particular kind of food item or during a certain time of day, you must go for a natural breath freshener often found in our homes in the form of fennel seeds and crystal sugar. This not only improves the taste of the mouth but instantly refreshes the breath. You can also try green cardamoms for the same. These spices work like magic against your daily problem of bad breath.