Long sitting hours during work from home can cost you your spinal health in the long run. It is usually recommended to take short breaks from the long hours. Here we recommend you three yogic postures that can help you strengthen your back.

  1. Garudasana For Back Strain: With this yoga posture, you can reboot your backbone and say goodbye to back pain. Stand straight and keep your body in a relaxed position while lifting your hand upwards. Simply coil your one hand to another. Repeat the same for the legs. Hold the position for some time and repeat for the other pair of limbs.

  2. Dhanurasana For Spinal Posture: Spinal cord can be strengthened with the repeated performance of Dhanurasana. We recommend you to lay straight on your belly. Start lifting your upper body towards the leg, and legs toward the head to make it appear like a bowing posture. We highly recommend you to stay in that position for as long as you can hold. Thereafter, go back to the starting position with a relaxed back.

  3. Shavasana To Relax Your Vertebrae: Often, the back pain can be relaxed with the simple posture of Shavasana as you relax your spine by lying straight on your back. We recommend you to perform the Shavasana once or twice during the day in between the long hours of sitting.