Why you get caries even after regular brushing?

Is just brushing enough for cavity prevention?

I chose this topic because this is among the most frequently asked question a dental specialist (like me) might face during his clinical practice & many others too might wants to know its answer.

My simple and direct answer to this question is that it's due to 2 causes:-

1. Brushing alone is not enough. Because brushing can't clear the area in between the teeth. It is Flossing which could do this. Yes, if u do regular flossing with proper brushing, you can make sure that you will not get the dental caries (or cavities) upto a success rate of 95%, if not 100%. It is cheap & easily available at any medical store. Moreover, it is very easy to use. One can learn it by reading "how to use" instructions printed on it or could learn it from your dentist or a friend who uses it.

2. Improper brushing technique. Most of the people thought that they know the proper technique of brushing, but they don't. Improper brushing can't remove the whole debris accumulated around your tooth surfaces, how many a times you brush doesn't matter. Moreover, it itself causes a huge harm to your teeth, like abrasion. So one should learn the proper way to brush his/her teeth. It's very easy to learn, even for small children. Take the help of your dentist or wait till my next article post on techniques of brushing.