Summer is here. The immense heat and the unbearable sultriness make us look for something ice cold and quench our lasting thirst. Here are 15 summer foods that can tantalize your taste buds. They are low in calories and can be consumed guilt free.

  1. Nungu: A sensation from Tamil Nadu. The arrival of Nungu says that the summer is at its peak. This rather tasteless food gives joy to your tongue as they begin relishing them. A summer food that is a total magic food.
  2. Coconut Water: The tender coconut water is packed with electrolytes. They can quickly replace the water lost in the body in the summer heat. The tender coconut meat is an added delicacy which is high in calorie but has no carb in it.
  3. Water Melon: The first fruit to arrive on the summer scene is the watermelon. The pink inside of the fruit and the delicious pulp is packed with water and minerals. Cool and refresh your body with a slice of watermelon as you go.
  4. Cucumber: In Chennai, a variety of cucumber that can be consumed whole without peeling is available during the summers. A perfect veggie that can be used as a perfect snack.
  5. Tomato Juice: Tomato is available all year round. Just beat the tomato in a mixer grinder adding a dash of palm sugar and crushed ice to keep them low in calories.
  6. Unsalted Boiled Groundnut: Boil a cup of groundnut. Chop an onion, a tomato, and add to the boiled groundnut. Add a dash of finely chopped green chilli and squeeze a lemon. Mix well and serve.
  7. Full Corn rubbed with lemon: Get a sweet corn or a traditional corn. Boil them in mildly salted water. Remove the corn husks, rub it with a lemon and have them as snacks.
  8. Shrimps: Shrimps are filled with protein and can be consumed without being bothered about calories. Saute the shrimps in a pan with less oil or butter. Add them to a vegetable salad and consume.
  9. Cabbage Salad with Cheese: Finely chop cabbage, squeeze a lemon or two, add granules of pomegranate and mix them well. Grate your favourite cheese in them and voila, here is a great evening snack.
  10. Star Fruit: A rather lesser known fruit available aplenty in the summer. They are sour in taste and hence they are not preferred by many. But little do people know that they are packed with vitamin-C. Blend the star fruit in a mixer, add a dash of palm sugar, add crushed ice and serve.
  11. Orange Juice: A summer sensation indeed. The juice of orange besides making us stay cool in the sweltering heat supplies a bounty of vitamin-C to our body.
  12. Fruit Based Dessert: Ice creams are mouthwatering. From children to adults, they evoke a great passion. They tantalize our taste buds and are refreshing in summer. Just mix one scoop of your favourite ice-cream with copious fruit salad and have them chill.
  13. Gooseberry Juice with mint: Gooseberries are sour but are packed with Vitamin-C. Remove the seeds of the gooseberries and put them in a blender. Add a spoon of palm sugar and freshly plucked mint leaves. Mix everything and blend. Serve chilled.
  14. Orange and Pineapple Mock-tail: Take equal amounts of peeled orange and sliced pineapple. Blend them in a mixer and serve chilled. Do not add sugar if you need the tangy taste of the mock-tail.
  15. Orange and Green Tea with mint: Take a glass of boiled water, dip a bag of green tea. Leave it to chill. Separately blend peeled oranges and mint in a blender. Add this to the green tea along with crushed ice and serve.

But nothing is as equal and good as water to beat summer. Keep sipping water at frequent intervals.