To gluttonize is to eat even when you are full. To gluttonize is to eat even when you are not hungry. Most of us tend to over eat, if we are sad unhappy or in need have comfort or if we are too happy and excited.

Some of us eat out of boredom and some of us eat just because the food is there and it is your favorite.

Those of us who works late at night tend to gluttonize at night. This is major problem as overeating leads to obesity. It is necessary to avoid overeating, as it can be very bad for health.

13 tips to avoid over/binge eating are:

  • Be alert of your moods, whims and fancies. Most of the people tend to eat when they are feeling low or high.
  • Whenever you feel hungry, eat a fruit or a bowl of salad or some dry fruits and nuts. Groundnut (channa) is a good option.
  • Eat small frequent meals instead of huge meals, this will help to alleviate hunger.
  • When you eat, take small bites of your food, eat slowly, don’t rush with your food, be aware of what you are eating, chew your food properly, relish your food. The best way to this is to eat without watching T.V.
  • Don’t keep your mobile phone near your plate. Eat in silence and without any distraction.
  • Take food on a smaller plate. The smaller the plate, the less food it will hold and in turn, you will eat less.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and do not eat just because the food is there in front of you. Stop eating once you are full.
  • Fill half of your plate with salads and vegetables.
  • Consume a fruit before every meal in this way you will feel already full before you start eating and hence you will not overeat.
  • Don’t keep the serving bowls on the table as it causes temptation to eat more.
  • Stay away from fried food. Eat steamed or grilled food.
  • Eat only soups and salads at night and sleep after a gap of an hour or two. If you stay up longer then you will try to treat yourself with a midnight snack.
  • Don’t keep your fridge stocked up. The more food you look at, the more you feel like eating.

Therefore, these are some of the tips to avoid overeating and do follow them religiously to keep your binge down.