Making small changes in your daily lifestyle can help you get rid of the fat. Beginning a fat loss diet doesn’t have to mean a drastic change. Incorporate minor adjustments into your lifestyle and you will see how it all adds up to big calorie savings and fat loss.

1. Evaluate your eating habits:- Begin by evaluating your eating habits, such as late night eating, nibbling while cooking etc. Identify a few of these habits and refrain from them. This will all add up to big calorie savings and fat loss.

2. Plan your meal:- Plan your meals and snacks when you are going to be out for long. Pack healthy snacks and identify healthy meal options outside.

3. Schedule your meals:- Having a meal schedule and sticking to it prevents you from binging.

4. Eat while sitting:- Eat your food while sitting down at a table, from the plate. Eat consciously. Food eaten out of packages and while standing makes people eat faster, and eat more than they need to, resulting in overeating.

5. Turn off TV:- Turn off the TV while eating because people eat 40% more while watching TV and are more likely to eat junk food when distracted.

6. Have fruits and vegetables:- Add fruits and vegetables  to your diet because it enhances the satiety value.

7. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly:- Eat mindfully, chew slowly, and savor the taste of the food. According to a research, people who ate slowly and drank more water, refrained from overeating. Researchers also say that those who ate slowly consumed 88 fewer calories than faster eaters.

8. Have breakfast:- Breakfast could be your best friend. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because the food which we have during breakfast gets digested and absorbed completely and gives the feeling of satisfaction for a longer duration, preventing us from overeating.

9. Don't  eat after dinner:- Don’t eat after the dinner, because this could add a lot of unnecessary calories. Brushing your teeth after dinner helps to reduce the temptation to eat again.

10. Get some sunshine:- It will boost your vitamin D3 levels, which are linked to increasing your body’s fast (skeleton muscles) twitch muscles which enhances athletic performance.

11. Take proper sleep:- Sleep plays a very crucial role in losing weight. Sleep suppresses your appetite and raises your metabolism, while allowing your body to rest and recover. So aside from leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a balance diet, you should also make sure that you get a full eight hours of sleep.

12. Minimize stress:- Research indicates that the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone) is correlated with increasing abdominal fat. Some strategies for combating everyday stress: A) Enough sleep. B) Set aside some time every day, to relax. C) Keep your stressors away from your sleeping area.