Benefits of private practice in physiotherapy:

1. You get to do everything, so if you like to learn about HR, marketing, finance, IT, contract negotiation, revenue cycle management, facility management, and lots of other stuff, you’ll get to do it in a private practice.

2. You are in the top position in the practice, so you get to put your imprint on the practice. You can often be more creative.

3. Practices can maintain a more relaxed, family-like atmosphere.

4. Decisions can be straightforward and swift, so you can help your practice to be nimble in response to news events, trends and new ideas. If your practice decides to become a concierge practice or stop or start taking a particular payer, so be it!

5. You may find it easier to get a foot in the door and start your management career in a private practice . A recommendation from another manager, a consultant or a physician may be enough to get you started.

6. You maintain complete control of operational decisions, revenue, and patient care.

7.  Employed physiotherapist must adhere to the rules of their employer. The restrictions placed are often extreme; in many cases, the hospital will dictate what hours you see patients, what services are available for your patients, and even how you decorate your office. As an employed physio you also lose control over staff size and staff hiring and firing decisions.

8. All the labor you do will directly benefit you as your finance, status, and networking will improve.

9. More hard work you do the more you earn, while in hospital setup no recognition of hard work.

10. Secured career option, as in job u are there only till you are giving profits and obeying your seniors blindly.

11. You can manage your timetable as per your convenience.

12. Being a boss gives immense satisfaction.