Your dental health is more important than you realize ,tooth and gum problems have been known to cause larger complications like heart diseases. Having a great set of white teeth can boost your self confidence like few others..

For maintaining good oral hygiene brushing ,flossing is a routine ,also there are some tips and tricks to help your protect and care for your teeth better.Get a healthy set of teeth by consuming 11 foods regularly.

avoid toothaches ,cavities and gum diseases simply by including food in your diet.

1.Water: Water helps wash away debris and boost your saliva levels in your mouth, which is why drinking 8 or 10 glasses of water is essentials  saliva is best defense agent tooth decay.

2.Milk: Milk is an excellent source of calcium, essential to keep your teeth strong your jawbones also protects against gum disease so make sure you drink a glass of milk everyday..

3.Citrus foods: With high vitamin c content like oranges and grapefruits ,kiwis help strength your blood vessels  and connective tissue while treating inflammation.

4: Green Tea: It contains catechins which are antibacterial and also great for oral health and hygiene.Studies have proven that regular intake of green tea prevent the occurrence of gum disease and delayed tooth loss in ld age.

5: Onions: Eating raw onions have excellent bacteria busting properties due to antimicrobial sulphur compounds content in it, which provides much needed protection against decay.

6: Nut & Seeds: Essentials for strong teeth.Very rich in micrnutrients such as potassium zinc magnesium phosphorus calcium, so add u it up in your breakfast.

7:Raisins: Raisins are naturally sweet,they contain phytochemicals which kill cavity causing bacteria so eat it in and in between meals.

8 Cheese: It help neutralize the plaque acids .A slice a day will keep dentist away.

9: Strawberries/Craneberries and Kiwis: Eating all this helps prevention of collagen from breaking down and for overall health of delicate gum tissue.They are powerhouses of vitamin c. They have astringent properties  and prevent reverse discoloration caused by coffee ,tea and aerated drinks.

10: Sugarless Gum: Chewing increases saliva production which is vital for cleaning away mouth bacteria. Make sure you take a sugar free variety. 

11: Fish: Vitamin D is crucial for oral health .It helps faster absorption of calcium.Salmon and Mackerel are excellent source of vitamin D