Though marriage is the biggest occasion in the life of bride, groom and the families; honeymoon is the first most romantic private trip of husband and wife. I had to make so many preparations for my honeymoon myself and always get a lot of queries from my relatives and patients for the same. I am sharing this blog from my personal experience where assessed the basic requirements and beauty tips for the honeymoon.    

1.   Luggage packing is the most crucial step. We need to carry miniaturized bottles of skin care product essentials for the flight - small bottled face wash, moisturizing lotion and sunscreen. Wash your face 12 hourly in a long flight 

2.   Must use sunscreen SPF 30, also available in a spray form for protection of body area. It should be used irrespective of the location like hilly area, snow covered mountains, or a beach. Apply half hour before leaving for flight. Also, to add if you choose the window seat on plane,it has the exposure of damaging sun rays, keep the window shades closed and apply sunscreen within the flight three hourly 

3.   Do carry goggles, scarf and a big hat. All of them account for sun protection. Post- honeymoon, one should avoid the guilt of tanning 

4.    Even snow areas –  must use sunscreen and sunscreen lotions 

5.   At Airport and in flights                                         

 i.    try to be hydrated, 

 ii.    avoid alcohol,                                     

 iii.    window seats as with low humidity and damaging sunrays –skin starts cracking

6.   Avoid salty water at the beach,  

7.   Take Complimentary breakfast-maintain your diet,have 5 types of fruits , fresh juice if possible, lot of water and hydration. Less sugar products or chocolates, take along some healthy snacks, stay hydrated. Always take fruits along while on trips  

8.   Take your own toiletries, face wash, toner, moisturizer and body wash with sunscreen 

9.   Avoid getting local tattoos –colored or Heena – as it can induce allergies  

10. Always take the base medications with prescription for sunburn,insect bites, allergies, common medical ailments like cold, headaches, nausea, vomiting(sea or hill sickness) 

11. Do not undergo waxing laser bleach facials 7 days before and 7 days after travel, due to continuous sun and water exposure along with pollutants as it can have side effects.

Hope you enjoyed reading and could utilize good tips, Happy planning :)