We all know sweets, chocolates, candies, ice creams and sweetened food contain high levels of sugar and therefore stay away from them as much as we can. Sugar is addictive and is a source of instant energy. But eating too much sugar is unhealthy and leads to excess fat storage and increase of insulin.

Although we limit ourselves from the most obvious forms of sugar there might be 'sugar coated' ways that you are consuming sugar. Here are a few example of not so healthy ways that we might be consuming sugar without really being aware.

  1. Cereal Puffs: Regular v/s non coated cereals. The market is flooded with different flavored cereals like choco wheat puffs, honey puffs, flavoured muesli. Because of their wheat and muesli content one believes them to be healthy and overlooks the sugarcoating on the cereals. This is hidden sugar that adds up your waistline without you even realizing it. Stick to non-flavored cereals as they are the healthier option.
  2. Flavored Yoghurt: We get varieties in yoghurts and different flavours too. Sweetened yogurt is commonly available these days which contains added sugar in it, which may not be healthy. Best is to stick to the most original flavor of yogurt and enjoy it.
  3. Jams: Commercially packed jams have quite a high percentage of sugar in it finding space into your meals on breads and toast. Try consuming it in moderation or opt for one prepared in your house with less sugar.
  4. Commercially Packed Juices: Commercially packed juices are not so healthy as portrayed. They are prepared from fruit concentrates or prepared with water, sugar and fruit pulp with additives to preserve it. The sugar level is pretty high as compared to its natural form and thus not so healthy. Stay away from the fruit squashes, crushes and fruit syrups as they have more sugar than packaged juices.
  5. Malted Drink Supplements: Malted drink supplements are sold on the basis of nutrition, but they contain sugar. That's how they taste sweet. Skip them if you're trying to avoid sugar.
  6. Honey: Honey is a natural source of sugar but its still sugar. Honey contains nutrition and thus has health benefits, but don't let those trick you in to eating too much honey.
  7. Peanut Butter: Peanuts are great for health. So peanut butter is also supposed to be healthy. But peanut butter that is sold commercially contains a varying amount of sugar.
  8. Granola Bars: A study showed that some granola bars contain as much sugar as chocolates. So, choose wisely, and not all granola bars are healthy.
  9. Ketchup: The most ubiquitous dressing of all time- the primary ingredient for ketchup is sugar besides tomatoes. So, while tomatoes in ketchup are heart healthy, all that sugar and preservatives aren't so healthy.
  10. Salad/Sandwich Dressings: Most dressings either are high in sugar or in fat. That's what gives the flavour to your salad or sandwich. Check if your salad is healthy.
  11. Biscuits: Last but not the least, some people eat biscuits assuming that it can help you snack light and potentially lose weight. But they have their share of sugar. See how biscuits slow down your weight loss.

Learn to read the nutrition labels correctly so you can read the sugar content present in it to check whether it is healthy for you or not. Include sugar, glucose, sucrose, inverted sugar and corn syrup as not so healthy components. Consume sugar through the natural form as present in fruit and vegetables.