“An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away!” 

Let us now see how this proverb proves to be apt for our healthy living.

Empowers our body- Fruits are juicy and nutritious which loads us with instant energy.

Protects us from diseases- Fruits provide us with the necessary antioxidants which protect us from invasion by diseases.

Easily available in all forms- Fruits are the most convenient to obtain, carry, preserve and consume in any form as per one’s wish.

Rehydrates and cleanses the body- Starting our day with a fruit cleans up all the toxins.

Supplier of proteins, vitamins, and minerals- Having a power-packed protein shake with half a banana, and some nuts added to it for the body helps to balance our protein intake after a workout.

Boosting our immune system – By including a fruit smoothie in our breakfast.

Helps in digestion- Fruits loaded with high fiber, when consumed naturally, aid the digestive system to function better and helps in easy bowel movement.

Zero bad calorie food- Fruits have no unwanted calories to puff up our weight. So we can have it guilt-free.

Excellent skin protector- Fruits keep our skin hydrated and nourished when either consumed or applied to the body. Fruits protect our skin from any dermatological problems.

A healthy version of snacking – Fruits in any form such as dry fruits, whole fruits, natural fruit juices, etc. as such serve as the best snack to satisfy our hunger when compared to the junk foods that exist around.

Prevents hair fall- Fruits also prevent our hair from falling and premature greying and also aids in hair growth and micronutrients needed by our body to fight against diseases.

With many benefits that it offers, fruits should be a part of our daily food routine.