Did you ever start working out, or join the gym, or make a new year's resolution, and not stick to it? Well, we have some ways to help you avoid that from happening in the future!

Here are 10 ways for you to stick to your workout:

1. Sign up for a long distance run.

2. Make a bet, with your friend, colleague, or spouse, about who's going to get fitter soonest!

3. Get a body fat checked. You'll be surprised as how to far over the healthy range you are.

4. Get a training partner. get a friend, spouse, or get a personal trainer. They will be there to push you, and help you perform that extra bit, for better results.

5. Think about the health damage that belly fat does to your body. Literally, grab a hold of your problem area. Everything you can grab is fat! See the health risks of even a little belly fat- due to which Indians are predisposed to heart risk and diabetes.

6. Get some motivation: Find a poster of your fav celeb body. what better motivation, than to wake up to a rock solid body

7. Make a realistic goal: You can target that six pack body, but first let's get started, and lose the belly fat. Take it step by step.

8. Find some exercise routine that you enjoy- play a sport if you want.

9. Plan a beach holiday- if you're going to take off your shirt, you better look good :)

10. Photograph yourself: We always look at the best angles, but unless you're in top shape, there is always some bad angle. Find it, photograph it. Target to improve that angle.