1. Regular Brushing. Best remedy to prevent cavity is to brush your teeth regularly, i.e. at least twice a day. Use fluoride based toothpaste to brush your teeth. For more better results brush your teeth after every meal or whenever you eat something.

2. Use of Mouthwash. For better results use fluoride based mouth wash after brushing. If you cannot brush your teeth after every meal just use mouthwash to rinse your mouth clean for food particles. Using mouthwash also helps you to fight against cavity.

3. Regular Dental Checkup. Make an habit to visit your Dentist every six months, it is strongly advisable to have your teeth professionally clean and examine twice a year. This will help you to stop tooth decay and prevent cavity and will also help you to find any issue in your mouth at early stage.

4. Use Sealants. Dental sealants are another best alternative to avoid cavity damage to teeth. You can take advice of your dentist and ask him to seal the areas and crannies where he thinks that food particle can be trapped. This will help in preventing dental problems and tooth decay. This dental sealant last for nearly 10 years and can be a good remedy for dental cavity.

5. Drink normal water. Avoid drinking bottled water on regular basis, drink tap water or normal water as much as possible, as in most of the cities fluoride is added by government in public water supply. Drinking water will help you to generate more saliva and will also help in rinse off the bacteria from mouth. You can consider this as a natural remedy to cure cavity.

6. Eat healthy food. Just like healthy food is good for other body parts, they are good for your teeth too. Intake healthy food like cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, non sugary drinks, sugar free gum etc etc… This type of healthy food will help you to fight against cavity.

7. Dental Consultation. If non of the above method work to fight cavity, then the best solution is to consult your dentist and start taking some medicines to protect cavity and further tooth damage.

8. Drinking Wine. Sounds strange right? Though it has not proved clinically but it is believed that both red and white wine helps in fighting bacteria in mouth. This will help you to stop cavity and tooth decaying. 

9. Using Straw. Yes, you read it right, drinking cold drinks with the help of straw will decrease risk of tooth decay and cavity. As you will be drinking cold drinks with the help of straw, they will not touch your tooth and will directly go into your stomach and hence they will cause less damage to your teeth. Thought it is strongly advisable to avoid such drinks, but if you cannot resist then at least use straw.

10. Antibacterial Treatment. In case if you are vulnerable to tooth decay or have tendency for generating bacteria then in such case your dentist will recommend antibacterial treatment, this will help you to reduce bacterial level in your mouth and will also help you to fight against cavity and tooth decay.