Cavities / holes are the main Dental problem, people are facing now a days. One can avoid cavities with the following simple tips !

1. Avoid food accumulation over/in between tour teeth - Frequent gargling & brushing,

                                                                                         Decreasing frequency of food intake

                                                                                          Rice particle to chocolates must not retain   

                                                                                                                    over the teeth.

2. Pit and Fissure sealants - these stop food accumulation in the fissures of teeth ! These are usually used for children.

3. Good hygiene - this controls bacteria causing caries/cavities and bleeding gums.

4. Having food rich in fiber - chewing fibrous food on both sides, itself is self cleansing removing accumulated soft food particles.

5. Usage of Fluoridated Tooth pate - Fluoride increases tooth's resistance to cavity/ holes development.

6. Twice brushing a day - as saliva is zero during sleep, Night brushing before going to sleep is more important than brushing in the morning.

7. Regular dental check ups once in every 6 months - as you cannot have direct accessibility to your own oral cavity / mouth, regular check-ups avoid progression of already started damage!

8. Avoid irregular teeth - irregular teeth aid in food accumulation between teeth causing development of cavities / holes.

9. Preservation of gum health - if gums recede from the tooth, submerged tooth's cementum gets exposed, which is more vulnerable to cavity / holes development. Brushing twice daily with dentist's instructions can only save gum's health. What ever mouth washes/ tooth pastes in the market are only secondary to avoid damage to gum's health. Only proper brushing technique preserves gum health

10. Treatment of already developed cavities - Depending on the depth of the cavity either fillings or Root Canal Treatments, arrest further increase in cavity causing bacteria!