1. Eat, Pray, Love - Eat the right water-based foods, Spirituality & not necessary religion helps & make Love not war...positive think!
  2. 2. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize - The skin mantra akin to the real estate mantra of location, location, location.
  3. Grooming - Keep your nails clipped & more importantly 'filed' to 'prevent' skin damage in your sleep.
  4. Sleep soundly..not long ..6-8 hrs minimum a day
  5. Hydrate well with sips of fluids/water based fruits rich in micro nutrients & anti-oxidants e.g. watermelon, broccoli etc.
  6. Natural exfoliants & packs once a week e.g. Multani Mitti (Fullers' Earth) will go a long way to keep that glow going, most chemical peels & lasers are over-rated!
  7. In my august opinion, the best skin is exhibited by those who are active pursuers of at least 2 of the 3 'isometric' exercises - swimming, yoga & sex..the last with the most telling effects on the skin
  8. Use 'natural' protection as much as possible e.g. broad rimmed hat, umbrella etc & avoid cosmetic creams & potions that are OTC as much as possible & always remember to wash off any cosmetics before going to bed each night & work as close to your home as possible to avoid the traffic & smog!
  9. Avoid smoking tobacco & if consuming alcohol (which need not be such a bad thing in small quantities), remember to increase the amount of water intake that night before retiring & my rule of 2 glasses of water consumed first thing next morning stands!
  10. Avoid OTC products & please always consult a Dermatologist et Cosmetologist NOT affiliated to any "branded chain of dermatologists et cosmetologists" or those with lasers & especially those who advertise for an honest opinion on your skin.