Vision, it is much more than being one of the five senses. It is the most important asset of a human being. Every child must be screened for eye silent diseases and refractive errors (spectacles) as early as possible (3-4 years of age). 

Delay in the diagnosis and late treatment can sometimes lead to lifetime residual deformities, a stitch in time saves nine.

Tips for eye care in children:

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment is best
  2. Diet with green leafy vegetable and yellow fruits
  3. Avoid self-medication
  4. Avoid any homemade kajal or surma
  5. If there is a family history of eye diseases. They should be ruled out in children
  6. Keep away from sharp pointed toys and objects, as sharp objects injury can cause permanent blindness
  7. Any obvious difference in the appearance of two eyes needs a consultation with an Ophthalmologist
  8. Squint eyes in children must be treated as early as possible as it can lead to permanent lazy eye
  9. Avoid use of smartphones and other screen exposure at the early age
  10. Outdoor activities and sunlight is good for eyes and particularly helps children with high myopia. Studies have proved it and village children staying outdoors have healthier eyes than urban children of the same age