Tip 1: Avoid teeth staining drinks like coffee, Red wines

Tip 2: Choose the Right Lipstick Shade. Did you know certain lip colours can actually make your teeth look significantly whiter (or darker)? Learn how to pick the right shade for you. If you have greyish teeth, avoid red lipsticks with blue tones and instead try a cooler tone

Tip 3: While certain foods such as soy sauce, berries and curry stain your enamel, fibrous foods like apples, celery, carrots, spinach, broccoli and lettuce actually work to remove stains by exfoliating teeth before the stain molecules attach to the teeth

Tip 4: Reducing the contrast of the clothes you wear will result in the appearance of a whiter smile.

Tip 5: Drink Through a Straw

Tip 6: Brushing immediately after drinking a stain-producing beverage like cranberry juice, Coffee,, or red wine.

Tip 7: Try Whitening Floss and tooth paste recommended by your dentist

Tip 8: Invest in a good tooth brush recommended by your dentist

Tip 9: Visit your dentist and get a personalised tooth bleaching or whitening trays. remember that one size doesn't fit all.

Tip 10: Set up a good oral care routine and follow it religiously!