Acne is something we have all suffered from at one point in time.But there is more to a pesky pimple than redness,a small bump and sometimes a little bit of pain. In the coming days we will tell you about ten important things that you should definitely know about acne.

10. You should not pop or pick on your pimple. If you do, it might lead to more inflammation and increase the chances of scar formation. Best bet would be leave your pimple like that and just dab a bit of anti acne gel on it for faster recovery. 

9.Don't be over cleansing and scrubbing: Harsh scrubs can do more harm than good. Over cleansing and scrubbing can irritate the skin and aggravate inflammation which can further increase the chances of scarring. Cleansing 2 to 3 times per day is a good enough frequency.

8.Medicated anti-acne creams can do wonders: If you thought medicated creams do not work, you have got it all wrong. Creams with clindamycin tretinoin adapalene benzoyl peroxide, can do wonders your skin if used correctly and in adequate quantity and frequency.

7. Stop blaming yourself for acne: pimples or acne usually don't happen because of something you did or didn't do. Most people in the age group of 13 yrs to 26yrs are prone to it. It is as common as being called physiological. Acne is not your fault, so stop blaming and start living.

6. Every skin needs a different acne regimen: You are unique so is your skin and so are your skincare needs. You need an acne regimen that is specifically designed for your particular needs and would work wonders for you. Ask your dermatologist to create a regimen that would work best for your skin type and would heal acne.

5.Always check for non-comedogenic nature of the makeup and creams on the labels. Try use oil free moisturisers and gel based moisturisers. While choosing a sunscreen try sticking to gel based or aqua gel based sunscreen.

4.Don't wait to begin treatment: The best thing to do to help deal with acne is to begin treatment as soon as possible. Do not wait and watch. The earlier you begin treating acne the better, not only for your skin but also for your self esteem. The #best course is to stick with proven treatments. Use products with tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, clindamycin and adapalene. Consistent use of treatment medications will help control your acne. 

3. Tweak your Diet: Certain food products cause sudden increase in blood sugar and trigger a boost in insulin. Rise in insulin leads to increase in pore clogging cells and sebum. Add more veggies, beans and grains to your diet and cut down on carbohydrate rich food like pasta, pizza, white rice etc. 

2. De-stress your life:There are many studies that link stress with the severity of acne. So try relax that will make you more happier and healthy. A stress free life will also keep the pimples at bay. 

1. Visit your Dermatologist: for further assessment and suggestions for your acne treatment.