Fact 1: Physiotherapy can relieve back pain

Paul VanWiechen, professor at UOIT credits physiotherapy as the most common treatment for relieving back pain stemming from bad posture, injuries or even arthritis. 

VanWiechen states that a three-fold approach which includes weight management, muscle strengthening, and the “re-patterning” of muscles could completely alleviate back pain in most cases. VanWiechen, formerly of the Cleveland Clinic Canada believes that physiotherapists play a vital role in back health.

Fact 2: Physiotherapy helps athletes

Strength and endurance training often gets overlooked in the physiotherapy industry, however, physiotherapists also work with athletes. Every major sports team has a physiotherapist on staff who may help increase stamina and endurance in these athletes. 

Fact 3: Physiotherapy is used to treat vertigo

Vertigo is caused by an infection of the vestibular system, part of the body that contributes to balance. The biggest symptom of vertigo is dizziness which can affect your overall balance. Physiotherapy is a scientifically proven treatment for vertigo. 

Fact 4: Physiotherapy involves homework

The majority of people have never spent a minute doing homework after high school graduation but physiotherapists assign homework on a regular basis. In school, it was understood that in order to get great marks, homework had to be completed. 

In physiotherapy, strength-based exercises are considered homework, and completion of this homework has a direct impact on results. In other words, if you’re recovering from an injury and want to get back to playing sports, please do your homework!

Fact 5: Physiotherapy and physical therapy are the same thing

One confusing aspect of our industry is that people believe physiotherapy and physical therapy are two very different things. Physiotherapy is physical therapy! Depending on the country, both of these terms are used to describe rehabilitation and physical medicine that improves mobility, function, and overall quality of life.

Fact 6: Physiotherapy can ease chronic pain

According to a Danish study on chronic pain, physiotherapy is highly effective when it comes to treating chronic pain. The study assigned women who suffered from chronic pain into a 10-week physiotherapy program designed to improve balance and stabilize the spine and these women reported no pain after the program.

Fact 7: Physiotherapy has been around for thousands of years

Historians have determined that physiotherapy was invented by the Greek physician Hippocrates who is considered the “Father of Medicine.” In 460 BC, Hippocrates used hydrotherapy (water therapy) to treat patients and invented this commonly used practice which is still used thousands of years later.

Fact 8: Obesity can be managed at a physiotherapy clinic

Many people believe that physiotherapy is great for injury rehabilitation, endurance training, or recovery from things like a motor vehicle accident but other conditions such as obesity can be treated.

Fact 9: Physiotherapy was established in Canada after World War 1

According to the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University, physiotherapy was established in Canada to treat the thousands of Canadian soldiers who had been participating in World War 1. 

When these soldiers returned home, they needed help restoring function, mobility and rehabilitating injuries. Physiotherapy was the most commonly used treatment options for these soldiers.

Fact 10: Physiotherapy offers psychological services. 

Another often overlooked service at physiotherapy clinics is the psychological services that are offered.