1. Evaluate your smile: Cosmetic Dentistry has come a long way from the simple drilling to filling days ! Look at your smile in the mirror and identify what you don't like.

2. Review and Pick A Cosmetic Dentist: Most dentists today offer Cosmetic Dentistry in their office which is great, so make an appointment with a dentist you trust or go online and pick a dentist with some great reviews as a starting point.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry Needs Advanced Training: Most cosmetic procedures can be completely non invasive and painless. Your consulting Cosmetic Dentist should be able to give you multiple options with a range of techniques and costing for your procedures.

4. Insist on Non-Invasive Dentistry: Remember, the most complex treatment plan for the most complicated dental work can also be simple, non invasive and painless.

5. Teeth need to be Beautiful and Functional: Just great looking teeth is not enough!You should be able to eat with your teeth too! Make sure the dental office is adequately equipped for advanced and precise Cosmetic dental work.Remember its your teeth that are meant to last you a life time. Dental work should strengthen your teeth, not damage them further.

6. Dental Damage is Irreversible: If your proposed treatment plan involves plenty of crowns and root canals take a second opinion .Today any well trained Cosmetic Dentist dentist can make you look amazing with Veneers and Bonded Dentistry!

7. Ask for Documented cosmetic Work: Ask your dentist for documented cosmetic work done by the team and look at the results to see if you like them! Your dental work will be similar! If you like what you see, go ahead!

8. The Trial Smile: Always ask for a 'Trial Smile' before you start any dental work. This can easily be done in your mouth or on dental models! It gives you an idea as to what the final look is going to be! Making it easier to decide .

9. Good Tools Guarantee Great Dental Work: A dental office doing Cosmetic Dentistry should be well equipped with good cameras, cosmetic Imaging software, great tools for non invasive work and the communication with a very good lab for super cosmetic results!

10. Patience and Communication: And lastly, remember for that Fantastic Smile, your dentist needs precision and perfection. Be patient and work with your dentist. Communication is the key. If you do not like something during the trial smile, communicate with your dentist.

So go ahead and make your choice to smile confidently! Happy Smiling!