The heart, the strongest muscle in the body, is a wondrous organ that works for us tirelessly ever since our birth. Seldom do we appreciate the function it renders us. A healthy heart is the key to a long life. 

Cardiac stamina, also known as endurance, is the ability of the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body during exertion without undue fatigue. An enhanced cardiovascular stamina allows you to pursue physical activities for a longer time.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Cardiac Stamina

1. Walk and Talk

Cardiovascular endurance can be enhanced by keeping the heart steadily beating at a faster pace. 

Try to walk fast and monitor your heartbeat at the end of a 10-minute brisk walk. 

At the end of this routine, try speaking to assess your improvement. Initially, you will find it difficult to speak; as your stamina is low, you get tired easily. As your endurance improves, you will experience better breath control.

2. Jog For Your Heart

Jogging is an excellent way to increase one’s cardiac stamina. It burns nearly twice as many calories as walking does at the same time. 

Losing excess weight is also one of the main prerequisites for a well-oiled heart, as obesity leads to all kinds of cardiovascular diseases as well as other complications. 

3. Dare to Stair

The aim is to reach 50% to 80% of your maximum heart rate and maintain it. Just keep climbing a flight of stairs whenever you can. This can easily be incorporated into your daily life; simply opt for the stairs rather than a lift or an escalator.

Keep doing this regularly as it improves cardiac blood flow and is a great workout for your body. 

4. Hit The Swimming Pool

Swimming is an extremely popular aerobic sport that utilises all the muscles of the body. It is perfect for summertime and studies indicate that an average of 2 hours of swimming per week will enhance your cardio endurance drastically. 

5. Breathe Easy

Take time out to appreciate the beauty of life, nature and people around you. Pamper yourself, work towards reaching your goals as well as on achieving true happiness. 

Cut yourself off from the world every once in a while to connect with your inner self. A happy you makes a healthy heart.

Remember, 10 minutes a day keeps the cardiologist away! Happy exercising!


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