We all know that mother's milk is the beat nutrition for a baby and it also gives mental and emotional satisfaction.In the first year of life the baby grows fast.Doctors advice to breastfeed the baby at least up-to six months.After six month period the baby's weight increases by double, as compared to birth weight.To provide this fast growth baby needs essential calories ,proteins and other nutrients which is supplied by mother's milk and that is why we need to promote breastfeeding in babies.In today's world breastfeeding the babies have gone out of the fashion.The "modern moms" are finding it uncool to breastfeed their child.The soul purpose of this article is to promote more  mothers to breastfeed their children and clear the doubts in their mind related to breast feeding.The following are some benefits of breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

  1. It created a sense of  mental and emotional bond between mother and her baby. 
  2. The baby feels more secure close to the mother.
  3. It is natural and  ready to consume, no need to prepare like artificial milk nutrition products.
  4. This best Natural Nutrition is free and no money can buy this precious gift.
  5. It protects the Baby from various communicable diseases as it has natural defense mechanism(antibodies).
  6. The mother's milk is sterilized hence it do not cause any digestive problem in the babies.
  7. Babies know the difference between the mother's nipple and artificial nipples.The babies who grows on mother's breast feed milk  have less tendencies to develop thumb sucking habits.
  8. The temperature of the breast milk is perfect for the baby.
  9. It is believed that babies fed on breast milk have better bones and muscle development as compared to non breast fed babies.
  10. Breastfeeding has been linked to developing protection against Childhood Cancers.

Note: Mothers should always clean the nipples before and after the breast feed.