1. Promotes A Healthy Heart

Watermelon’s high water content helps this fruit to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood which is linked to many heart diseases. Since it stops bad cholesterol from accumulating, it also stops fatty tissue from being deposited in the blood vessels. Watermelon is a rich source of an amino acid called citrulline. This amino acid is taken as a sports supplement which is good for the heart.

2. A Good Way To Treat Inflammation

Inflammation is the condition in which a part of the body becomes reddened. As mentioned earlier, the antioxidant called lycopene, not only adds to the redness of the watermelon, but also to the health benefits of watermelon.

3. Helps You Stay Hydrated 

When you say “watermelon” the first word to come out of your mouth is water.An average watermelon is comprised of almost 90% water making it a good source of hydration. A cool piece of watermelon is sweet and refreshing but at the same time hydrating as well.

4. Cancer Fighting Properties

Cancer-fighting properties is another of the health benefits of watermelon. Antioxidants have cancer-fighting properties, and the lycopene found in a watermelon is a good antioxidant. In about 100 g of watermelon, there is about 20 mg of lycopene. Studies have shown that lycopene is chemopreventive and especially helps in fighting prostate cancer.

5. Helps In The Treatment Of HPV

HPV or human papillomavirus is linked to causing genital warts. Because of lycopene again, among the benefits of watermelon, fighting HPV is also a part.

6. Helps With Sore Muscles

The nutritional facts of watermelon state that it contains important electrolytes and amino acids like citrulline. After a hard workout, you may leave the gym with sore muscles and still feel the soreness for maybe another day or two. Muscles soreness is caused by too much buildup of lactic acid, also responsible for muscle cramps sometimes. Muscles soreness can be treated with the amino acid present in the watermelon called citrulline.

7. Helps In Digestion 

Water is considered to be good for the digestive system. Hence consumption of watermelon can help with the digestion process. The fiber content of the watermelon also is a plus with regards to digestion.

8. Healthy For Pregnant Women

A cool piece of watermelon can help with heartburns during pregnancy. Mothers suffering from morning sickness can enjoy the taste as well as the health benefits of watermelon juice.

9. Beneficial For People Suffering From Asthma

According to a study conducted on a few patients suffering from asthma, watermelon proved to be therapeutic in nature. The showstopper is the antioxidant lycopene, it helps to reduce the asthmatic flare-ups in both children and adults.

10. Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control

A study conducted on a set of volunteers showed that one of the benefits of watermelon juice is that it can keep the blood pressure under control.The citrulline present in watermelon is closely related to arginine which gives it the magical power of controlling blood pressure.Rich in potassium is also an added benefit of watermelon for fighting blood pressure.