Are you damaging your teeth without knowing it?? While some of these habits can do immediate damage to your teeth, some may add up over time and cause greater harm. Find out what these are and put these bad habits to rest.

  1. Thumb-Sucking: Children between 5-6 yrs of age , who suck on their fingers or thumbs after their permanent teeth start coming can cause changes in their teeth alignment or jaw structure permanently. Its important to wean these children off their habit.
  2. Get a control on those ACIDS: People who drink a lot of acidic beverages or suck on lemons often can experience erosion of their enamel slowly which may lead to sensitivity and other dental problems. 
  3. Brushing Too Hard: Brushing is part of good oral hygiene, however if you brush vigorously you can cause wear of enamel , irritate your gums, make your teeth sensitive or cause cavities. Normal pressure while brushing is advisable and a proper technique if adopted can give you perfect results.
  4. Jaw Clenching/ Teeth Grinding: For some people, stress triggers clenching of jaw or teeth grinding. Micro-fractures can result due to this and weaken you teeth or damage any dental work done in your mouth. If it happens more during the night , one can get a night-guard made to break off the habit.
  5. Crunching on ICE: Ice cubes may seem harmless but the cold temperature and the hardness can cause serious damages. Remember even your blender needs special blades to crush ice... Don't test your teeth with them 
  6. Teeth are not TOOLS: Don't use them for ripping off tags from clothing / opening packets  or opening bottle caps they can unknowingly cause damage to your teeth .  
  7. Don't park your pencil between teeth: Holding you pen/ pencil / bobby pins etc. between your front teeth often can cause notches on your teeth's edges over a period of time .
  8. Biting on nails:  Regular biting of nails on your teeth not only harms your nails and skin but can cause damages on the edges of your teeth too. 
  9. Using toothpicks: When used carefully, they can help, if used aggressively they cause damage to gum tissues. Switch to flossing of your teeth on a regular basis for better oral hygiene.
  10. Smoking: Tobacco in any form ( chewable/cigarettes ) can cause temporary to permanent damage to your teeth , gum tissues and overall oral and general health . Quitting is the best choice one can consider

    A strict control over these habits can help you prolong your teeth's life and health. Start TODAY!