Since we are all focused on getting rid of our dental bad habits this week we thought it would be fun to enlist all the things that we do with our teeth knowing full well that's not really the purpose intended. 

So here's a quirky take on our dental habits and maybe a little motivation on giving our poor teeth a little break, they've been through a lot (you'll see.)

1. Opening bottles with teeth

This one tops our list of ghastly things you can do with your teeth since people regularly do it and miraculously their teeth survive! Its maybe the 100th bottle that finally the tooth gives way and we end up then using the other side!

Just to remind you getting a tooth rebuilt would cost many times over in term of pain and money as compared to owning a bottle opener or being a hero.

2. Opening packets with teeth

People use their front teeth often to open packets of plastic or paper or even other tougher materials -a simple inexpensive scissor or even a sharp object like a car key or pen would do the job sacrificing your teeth. Maybe a bit of an overkill even if the package you're trying to open contains scrumptious or precious ingredients .

3. Nail Biting

Needless to say this age old habit proves bad for teeth as well as nails as you have a tendency to develop fungal infections on moist fingers which then may transmit to the mouth as well.    

4. Pen/pencil chewing

People do this thinking it's very normal while it can actually cause chipping and wearing of teeth.Even the alignment of teeth can be disturbed if the habit is constant at a growing age.

5. Crushing Ice cubes

The sensation of ice breaking in your mouth maybe fun for you but not so much for your teeth.

The ice not only hampers the top layer of enamel but also triggers of sensitivity in the deeper layers of the tooth making them susceptible to fractures and severe sensation.

6. Cracking walnuts

Back in the day when walnuts came with shells, our grandparents would probably boast of a habit like this but then again. They don't have many teeth left to tell us the story. Since we have been fortunate enough to be born in a time where we don't have to do much to acquire our food -most of it being processed and ready to eat let's take advantage of it and keep our teeth as long as we can.

7. Gritting your teeth 

Many people lose their temper and take it out on their teeth, even wrestlers, weight lifters tend to grit their teeth to draw more power.While kinaesthetic studies prove this motion actually produces great results, we need to protect our teeth with plastic sports mouth guards which absorb the shock or force during these activities.

8. Frequent snacking

This habit may affect our physical shape more than our teeth. Snacking or having small meals can prove great for our metabolism but can harm the teeth unless we adopt the habit of rinsing after it.Consumption of food any number of times is not a problem, it is the food sticking to your teeth that needs to be eliminated - so rinse post every snack and stay slim and cavity free. 

9. Excessive Aerated Beverage consumption 

Sipping diet sodas,energy drinks or even citric juices can impact your teeth and leave them worn out sensitive and due for replacement. Several experiments have shown how a tooth dissolves over time when dipped in a glass of soda.With that mental image we would insist that if you have to consume these beverages make sure the amount is limited to 1-2 a day at most and drinking with a straw will really help limit the harmful exposure to teeth.

10. Tobacco Chewing.

While other habits that we have mentioned maybe innocent and harmless until they cause damage, this particular habit of tobacco chewing is grave and has taken lives.We believe both smoking and tobacco chewing deserve a detailed mention in the articles to come.

Write to us with any other funny habit that you have seen people with when it comes to their mouth or teeth.