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Dr. Disha Sridhar - Gynecologist/Obstetrician

Dr. Disha Sridhar

MBBS , MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology , DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrician , Gynecologist , 13 Years Experience

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93% (27 votes)
Dr. Disha practices Integrative Medicine, a holistic approach to health care and believes in healing the person, not the disease. In contrast to conventional ca more..
Hi doctor.
Im a 29yr old female, married for 2 yrs. Me & my husband have been trying for a baby since february this year. But recently i came to know that i have polycystic ovaries. Doctor prescribed follicular study. My follicle was shown to be ruptured on day 16 i.e., doctor viewed my report and said i have successfully ovulated whereas on the 14th day, the follicle was 14mm in size.. so approx it would have been 18-20mm when it ruptured on 10th april. So can a single follicle in right ovary be viable enough for conception. My endometrium measured 6mm on the day of ovulation. What are my chances of conception this month ?? Pls let me know

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

In PCOS, root cause of the problem is not in your ovaries but in your metabolism.There is involvemen ... View Answer

My friend is taking treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for the past 10 years, the moment she stops taking medicines her periods becomes irregular. Is PCOS a lifestyle disorder? What are the effective treatments available so that she can get completely cured and can stop taking medicines?

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

PCOS is a multisystem disorder where genetics may also play a role apart from lifestyle changes. ... View Answer

What causes delayed periods every month? I have irregular periods issue after I started working at the age of 24. Now married and still no baby. Really stressed. Help me out on this.

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

Hormone  imbalance  particularly  estrogen  dominance,  PCOS.

I have been diagnosed with pcos on an ultrasound on 7th dec . I have already taken deviry for 5 days till 12th. Does having pcos means I will not ovulate every mnth naturally. I m trying to conceive since last six mnths. What is given in first step for pcos. My height is 5'2 and weight is 59. Im trying to lose weight I do regular exercise and follow some diet as well. Kindly help me. Thanks

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

There is no reason  why you should  not conceive if you get the correct information .In na ... View Answer

Hi I m 29 yrs old unmarried girl . I am suffering from irregular periods.sinve 6 months.its have a gap ofv2 months.nd my last period was 70 days before.right nw I m consulting to a ayerwedic doctor but not get results.i have undergo ovarian cyst surgery.plz help regarding this.

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

Only Ayurveda is not enough  to  heal PCOS though it does help and has less side effects.

Hello Dr. I took a ultrasound on 7th dec it shows I have a multiple cystic follicles arranged in periphery. My right ovary is bulky and my left ovary has a 1cm hemorrhagic cyst and there is an anterior subserosal fibroid. My lmp was on 30th oct. My gynec told me to take deviry for 5 days and do tsh, prolactin and cbc tests on 2nd day of my menses. Im trying to conceive since July. I had a 4cm hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary in july for which my gynec told me to take novelon for 2mths and it went away. Now want to conceive what should I do. Plz help me.

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

You have multiple hormone imbalances with estrogen dominance which may cause difficulties in ge ... View Answer

Married for 4.5 years with 2 missed abortions and currently undergoing infertility treatment. My gynec is administering me with tab.Siphene from day 5 to day 9 of every cycle followed by follicular scan. Till this may my ovulation was normal but for last two cycles my scan report says I have thin endometrium with only MSF till 23rd day of my cycle. Why this sudden set back? Please help me with this issue

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

Even Siphene can lead to thinning of endometrium due to antiestrogenic action.There is no reason&#16 ... View Answer

Hi, my wife has TSH LEVEL OF 0.01 but t3 and t4 levels are normal. We are planning to have a baby will this effect her in conceiving.

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

This sounds like autoimmune thyroiditis. Yes it may adversely affect the fertility and pregnancy ... View Answer

2 years completed marriage .I have pcod since 4months used homeopathy medicine.just menses came but bleeding is very low and clotted.just 3clots per day.i have no thyroid . whats the problem

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

Pcos is not just a problem in the ovaries but in metabolism. If left unaddressed, it can lead to c ... View Answer

Wan use herbal life (nutrition)product for weight reduction ...since my frdz r experincing good results with it....i am facing pcod it safe to use???or any risk???

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Dr. Disha Sridhar answered

Only supplements cannot reverse PCOS but a holistic approach can.


, Bangalore

Motherhood Hospital

324, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Landmark : Next Vijaya Bank, Bangalore

Motherhood Hospital - Image 1 Motherhood Hospital - Image 2 Motherhood Hospital - Image 3 Motherhood Hospital - Image 4 Motherhood Hospital - Image 5 Motherhood Hospital - Image 6


10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

INR 600

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic.There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic. There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

a year ago
Visited For PCOS
Hi ladies,
I have severe PCOS & I still got Pregnant Naturally.

I’m very happy to post a positive review for Dr. Disha Sridhar who helped me to conceive naturally despite all my problems.

I was
Hi ladies,
I have severe PCOS & I still got Pregnant Naturally.

I’m very happy to post a positive review for Dr. Disha Sridhar who helped me to conceive naturally despite all my problems.

I was hopelessly walking in tears & pain after a miscarriage, then D&C and suffering from worsened PCOS (irregular periods & severe bleeding problem), cysts, fibroids in uterus & fibrodema for last 10yrs…and from there to normal pregnancy, isn’t that miraculous!

Getting pregnant! Ah, that was a farfetched or next to impossible dream; I just anyhow wanted to have normal regular periods at that time.

I had enough of birth control pills, its side effects and medication that just pumped hormones.

After trying our luck through even ayurvedic medicine which did not yield much result; we met Dr. Disha Sridhar at Motherhood Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore; a very practical doctor & an integrative practitioner who believes in treating problems from its root cause through holistic healing. Her main aim is to treat patients with hormonal imbalances naturally.

She was the only doctor who gave positive nod about solving my problems from its core, talked about dissolving my cysts and recovery through natural, non invasive options, no synthetic hormonal pills & balancing my hormones naturally. I initially thought this was not possible and was sceptical about her way of treatment, wanted to stick to ayurvedic, the proven method, but something within me urged to go forward and with my husband’s unconditional support, I tried it out. I trusted her and the results are out.

Gradually, my periods started to come back every month without any modern medicines. I started to revive and cherish my feminine energy thus cultivating better positive relationship with my body. I've learned to make my body something I work with as opposed to work against which helped me achieve an ideal sense of health.

Thus, I conceived naturally within four months of embracing healing techniques formulated by Dr. Disha.

With a healthy body, I’m enjoying full problem-free, easy, effortless, nurturing pregnancy — no aches, pains or other issues, creating a smooth transition into my new state of being.

All thanks to Dr. Disha Sridhar with whom I’m receiving good antenatal care at Motherhood. With her, it’s like she shares equal responsibility for my maternity care, right from nutrition, supplements to lifestyle changes. She is the one with whom we can freely talk to about our hopes and fears.

With this I would invite you to think differently about PCOS. I healed my body by balancing my hormones and through the opportunity to become a mother; my body has healed my spirit. I wish & believe the same is possible for you too.
-Shreya Nambiar,
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a year ago
Hie in your pcos blog u have mentioned how medicine has its own side effects
So what do people do in this case don't eat medicine and let the pcos be the way it is
If a person has normal weight and no
Hie in your pcos blog u have mentioned how medicine has its own side effects
So what do people do in this case don't eat medicine and let the pcos be the way it is
If a person has normal weight and no diabetes n still has pcos what do the person do with the problem
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Dr. Disha Sridhar - Gynecologist/Obstetrician
You got it right. There is no magic bullet for treating PCOS. But the good news is that it can be completely reversed with a holistic and systemic approach. At Truhealing, we treat the root cause You got it right. There is no magic bullet for treating PCOS. But the good news is that it can be completely reversed with a holistic and systemic approach. At Truhealing, we treat the root cause of your PCOS or any other hormone imbalance by addressing the root cause of your issue using whole food nutrition, energy medicine and regenerative detoxification. more..
3 months ago
Visited For Gynae Problems
The doctor was very approachble, patient & professional. I'm very satisfied with my visit and look forward to building a professional relationship with her.
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Pregnancy with Anemia
Twin Pregnancy
Pregnancy with Endocrine Disorders.
Pregnancy with BP and Diabetes.
Pre-conception Counseling
Family Planning and Counseling
Pelvic Infection
Fibroid Treatment (PCOD)
Cancer Screening (Preventive)
Breast Problems.
Endometriosis Treatment
Puberty Problems, Menstrual Problems.
Healing ladies hormal imbalances
Polycystic ovaries
Irregular periods
weight issues
Uterine Fibroid Treatment
low energy
Pregnancy Hypertension (Preeclampsia/ Eclampsia)





MBBS - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur, 2001

MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur, 2005

DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology - Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, 2005

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2011 - 2015 Consultant at Motherhood
2009 - 2011 Lecturer at St. Johns
2009 - Present Sr. Resident at Wockhard Hospital, Bannarghatta
2008 - Present Sr. Resident at St. Marthas , Chickpati
2005 - 2007 Lecturer at St. Johns Medical College, Kormangala


All India Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Bangalore Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


81880 Karnataka Medical Council, 2008

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