Does broccoli make you want to throw up? Don't torture yourself, beauty comes at a price but not one you can't afford! Not all that is yummy is unhealthy. You will be surprised to see that some of your favorite foods actually do more for you health wise than their dietary substitutes.

Here's a guide to what you should be eating for a figure you've always wanted.

Be berry-licious

Blueberries and strawberries are packed with antioxidants that guard against heart disease, cancer, and prevent premature aging. Pop a handful of these when you need your sugary fix of fruity goodness and you're on your way to glowing, inside-out.

Spread some peanut love

Peanut butter is the most well kept secret of workout maniacs. It has a special way of releasing energy slowly into your system keeping you powered up for long. Add a spoonful to a banana smoothie and you'll be springing with energy.


Greek yogurt is a Mediterranean wonder food. Packed with the goodness of bone-building calcium and probiotics, this superfood is perfect at any time of the day. Just toss in a few accompaniments like chopped cucumber and tomato and you have yourself the perfect summer meal.

Healthy eating is not all about yucky bland food; you can have your shot of vitamins and antioxidants from fun, yummy foods as well. Stack your cupboards with delicious healthy snacks and live life on the yummy side.