Table salt is the enemy, agree all the experts it’s only trumped by Dead Sea salt, while has high bromide, a carcinogen. Dietitian Shreya says, “Table salt is what you find everywhere, from your dining table to restaurants tables”. Processing of table salt is performed at very high temperature and cancer causing chemicals are used for the process. Table salt companies claim their product to be iodized but after this harsh processing of chemical and high ranges of it actually lead to Thyroid hormonal imbalance. 

So what can you have instead of table salt?

 Don’t add salt to already cooked food and you can have rock salt or sendha namak. Unrefined salt is good for your health as it is rich in trace minerals and free of additives.

All the salt companies manage to chemically crack the sea salt and separate out all the important nutrients from it and sell the sodium chloride giants. Table salt has got an excellent preservative property hence ranked as number one choice in canned/preserved food. Therefore, adding more salt to your food you are adding more toxins to your body, more loads to remove toxins, leading to dehydration in the body. Ultimately sodium is sodium so it’s better to avoid any kind of salt instead have oregano, chilies and lemon can be used for flavor. Once a week go for detoxification or salt free diet.


 People facing situations like High blood pressure, Stroke, coronary heart disease, PCOD, stomach cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, kidney stones/diseases, Vascular dementia, water retention, asthma, diabetes, acid formation, mineral depletion etc. are suggested to avoid processed table salt.