Pet food is a huge industry as people nowadays have started paying more emphasis on their dog's health and diet, which leads us to a situation:

What should I feed my dog and what not?

This question has been popping up for umpteen number of times; because the choice of foods has always been confusing for dog owners. So, one simple answer to the above question is "animal protein and fats".

Animal protein includes:

  • meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • Cultured dairy (yogurt and cottage cheese)

Animal proteins are preferred over plant proteins as the former are "complete" or in simpler terms more available for your dogs. Moreover, they are sufficient in amino acids like 1-carnitine and taurine required for proper vital organ functioning.

Quantity cannot substitute quality. 

Feeding large quantities of vegetable proteins will not fulfill our dog's need. Additionally, they will be more taxing on their liver and kidneys.

Talking about a common notion in our society, that if your dog grows older or having compromised liver or kidney function than limit protein diet but actually the reverse is true as feeding proteins improve the chances of survival. According to a recent survey, senior dogs require 50 percent more proteins than young adult dogs.

In a nutshell, every dog requires balanced proteins composed of both vegetable and animal proteins because the former is rich in fiber and the latter guarantees longevity.