We all know that "we are what we eat". If we eat healthy we look healthy There is a connection between your diet and health.

Nutrition is the most important aspect of life. Now the question is what exactly is nutrition ?? Nutrition is the process of intake of nutrients from the food that we eat. A good nutrition means getting the right amount of nutrients from food in right combinations.  Nutrients are substances that allows our body to make energy. Eating nutritious food will keep us physically and mentally fit.

Food is the fuel that provide energy which helps our body to do work. every little thing that we do happen due to the nutrients that we feed to body.

Many food items like junk food, fried food have bad impact on our health. These are the poor food which makes our health poor too.

Diet rich in whole grain, fruits and veggies helps in weight loss and also helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels. It will also protect from other heart related issues.

A diet which is high in saturated and trans fat will cause weight gain and heart related problems.

Lack of nutrients in your diet can cause deficiencies in your body.. For example, 

  • PROTEIN: If your diet is deficit in protein there will be muscle loss and you will feel sick with low energy levels and one will also face hair fall problems.
  • CARBOHYDRATE: If your diet is deficit in carbs then you will feel low on energy levels. It is advised to include complex carbs in your diet.
  • FAT:  If necessary amount of fat is not taken in diet then fat soluble vitamins will not be absorbed in body. so it's important to include required amount of fat in your diet.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY: menstruating women and girl need enough of iron in diet to compensate the loss of blood for that month.

Different nutrients have different role and need for the body.. For example, 

  • calcium.. calcium is important for the strengthening of bones so as to prevent from osteoporosis.
  • Folic acid.. folic acid is important for the pregnant ladies so as to prevent miscarriages and protect the baby from neural tube defect.. etc

Our body uses everything what we put into it and what we give, we get back in return. If we give fried we will get back fat which will again turn up into obesity and cause weight gain problems..

So it is important to eat healthy and balanced to remain healthy and fit..!! 

Consult an experienced dietitian for a balanced and healthy diet..

Enjoy journey to health..!!