"evrything he learns, next day he is blank"

"exam me kuch yaad hi nahi aata,har baar"

"he forgets his things in school almost daily,tiffin,water bottle,books,etc"

"3-4 baar naam bulao tab jawaab deta hai,he is day dreaming often"

"5-10 minute se zyada concentrate nahi kar sakta,everytime easily distracted"

"bahut jaldi bore ho jaaata hai,with evrything except tv,mobile and games"

"kya cheez kidhar rakha kabhii yaad nahi rehta,roz dhundta hi hai"

............these are symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder,

the prevalenve is 11% amongst school going children in India and the leading cause for academic decline.

It can be treated with medications and concentration aids.