Hello Doctors, I am just to be born baby & I want to help my mother.I do not want my mother to go through an operation to bring me to this world.

I am sure that she will be able to care for me better if she does not go through an operation.

I can hear learned people discussing about some Minister being concerned about rising numbers of deliveries done by operation.

Every time a doctor comes to check my mother, I can make out that they are discussing about my size, position ( I am upside down like most of the babies are and World does seem Ulta-Pulta to me !)

Doctors feel happy when they hear my racing heart as that is how the heart of growing up babies is-faster but regular @ 120-140/minute 

My mother is having pains but like other women around in the Labor Room ,she is not yet howling.

Last month ,the doctor put a hand on  abdomen of my mother and felt a ball like structure which was floating in her lower abdomen & doctor reassured her about my position being upside down which was later confirmed by ultrasound.

Ultrasound doctor measured the circumference of my head & Abdomen, length of my lower bones in the leg & doctors calculated by combining all of these parameters & doctors were happy to know about my size,weight & position being Normal.

Doctors call it labor pains which keep increasing as I too can feel every time there is a pain and I feel Squeezed ( I do not mind it as I have capacity to bounce back Very Quickly,just after the pain!

Now the doctors were discussing among themselves about Progress of labor by feeling position of my head 


It is Fully Engaged ! Means very low down 

BP of my mother is Okay 

There are No Swellings on her Body

I am not able to Float Now but I can feel the Fluid around me ( doctors call it Amniotic fluid and it is Adequate)

I am slowly moving down and ready to Welcome the New World, Cry at full Volume ,so that My Lungs get Opened up, My bladder is full & I will urinate as soon as I come out , may be I will do potty also!

And I am not blushing but my Color will be Pink for sure ( doctors said it indicates a Normal heart of the babies.

I am sure that My Mother Will Not have to go through an operation as My Head is Engaged & Fixed & I am moving Slowly, Steadily with a heart that is beating normally.