I often come across with my child patients who love eating choclates and their parents are too worried that their childs teeth will get cavities. This is a misconception amongst the people, yes agreed that choclates, if left to stick on the teeth will lead to tooth decay, but as a matter of fact almost 70-80% eatables that we consume on a daily basis, if left stuck on the tooth will lead to decay, so it is not specifically choclates or sweet candies that lead to cavities. A simple remedy that is suggest to my patients is to brush immediately after eating using a toothbrush with plain water without any toothpaste, ensuring that no food particles are left stuck onto the tooth. Using plain water will also help retain the taste of what you just ate. Tip: keep a separate toothbrush for this purpose, as the one you might be using for your daily regular toothbrushing will give you an aftertaste of the toothpaste even when you dont use it.